Herbal Detoxification: Just The Basics

    body detoxification

    You might be wondering:

    Should I do an herbal detox?

    Of course, a lot of people will tell you that you should. And… you should!

    Is it hard?

    Starting an herbal detoxification or full body detox is a lot easier to do than most people realize.

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    It’s not complicated, and we’ll discuss how you can get started today doing your detox with simple and natural herbs that you may already have.

    There’s a lot of discussion out there about how to do a whole body detox (this website is devoted to it!) so what we will try and do is give you a good overview and the quickest most efficient way to get going.

    Don’t forget…

     Along with combining essential herbs in your diet during detoxification, it is also recommended to eat healthy, green vegetables, along with fruits during your detox, no matter how long your detoxing for.

    The use of essential herbs, vegetables and fruits (or using them all) helps purge the body of any toxins that may have accumulated in our bodies over a period of time.

    In addition to cleaning the colon and the liver, herbal detoxification can also help flush out the kidneys.

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    Conducting an herbal detox every month can have a wide range of benefits.

    Those that choose to stick to a monthly detox regimen also find it beneficial to combine herbal methods with a variety of other detox programs for best results.

    Once you’ve made your decision to get started, it’s time to get organized! Here’s a few things to help:

    Have a thorough understanding of the program you’re about to start.

    Make sure you have all the supplies you need before the program begins. Head to your local grocery or health food store and get yourself stocked up.

    Have a friend? See if they are willing to try it with you. Extra support is always good to have.

    Keep a diary of the herbs and other foods you eat during the detox and note how you’re affected, both good and bad.

    whole body detox

    How long to detox?

    You know what they say;

    Everyone has an opinion.

    There are a lot of different ways to do a detox, but the most important thing is to get started.

    After getting your supplies and an understanding of the program, decide how long you want to detox for. The program that your following may dictate how long the detox should last.

    If not, you can keep it simple and just do a 24 hour detox. A lot of people choose to go this route because it allows them to get acclimated to a detox program before they commit to a much longer program.

    Doing a one day herbal detoxification is quick and simple, and will still help purge toxins.

    But here’s the kicker:

    If you’re really motivated or you’ve already completed a one day detox program, there are a lot of great detox programs but be prepared for a two week, 21 day or even one month commitment!


    Natural Detox Herbs

    Here we go:

    Here’s a quick rundown of detox herbs and supplements that are both common (you can find in a store) and off ‘the beaten path’ – you’ll have to look for them in a specialized store.

    Cayenne Pepper


    Primrose Oil

    Flax Seed




    Collard Greens


    Cinnamon; My favorite! Cinnamon is also good to help suppress your sweet tooth.

    Burdock Root; Helps clean the liver and gall bladder and also helps treat a variety of skin conditions like acne, psoriasis and eczema.


    Dandelion Root; Helps your liver produce more bile in order to break down fats and combat cholesterol.


    Milk Thistle; Also helps produce bile and promotes digestive function.

    There are of course many more beneficial herbs that are capable of detoxifying and help support organ function. A lot of these ingredients can be combined with or in other foods like juices, raw soups and vegetables.

    A good example is combining vegetable soups with herbs like garlic or cayenne pepper, which will give you the most benefit.


    The Natural Detox Process

    Did you know?

    Even though our bodies can and do detox naturally without external help, providing our bodies with a ‘helping hand’ allows for a deeper detox and better overall results. It also helps to defray the amount of toxins that actually get put back into our body on a daily basis.


    How Often to Detox?

    So here it is;liver detoxification

    There’s room for a lot of discussion here.

    Doing a simple herbal detox twice a month is recommended by some, but a detox once a month is sufficient if you have an active lifestyle or you’re on the road with business quite a bit.

    Others suggest detoxifying your system about every six month or year.

    If you are busy and have a tough time with doing an herbal detox there are a lot of other great methods you can use that are simple and easy to follow, without big trips to the store.